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Women Making History: Digit

Digit aka “Mamai Digital” hails from the City of Lost Angeles. She’s worked it out at Union L.A.,

and The Hundreds, working on their female division The Tens. Currently making things happen with

Le Femme GNS, this feisty lady described herself to M.I.S.S. and had this to say:

“I’m a fast living, determined young fly woman with enough energy to fly me to the moon. I am a vegetarian and have a huge appetite for gaining knowledge, good food, and love wine and cheese. Addicted to family and friends, veggie burgers & greens. Infatuated with the solar system, cosmic visuals, and anything Kawaii. Run strongly off of peoples vibes and aura. I was born to design, influence, double fist in the club, and live life to the fullest. Glad to announce my release for La Femme GNS, (woman’s division of Greedy Genius) Fall 2008.”

Get to know a little more about what inspires Digit after the jump!

Puerto Rican rice & beans…don’t forget the AVOCADO!

Pierre et Gilles

Digit & her girls

Digit & Mik (GNS)

La Femme GNS teaser

La Femme GNS: Mirage…SO FRESH!

For updates on the official La Femme GNS launch, stay up with Miss Digit via the following:

Blog : riottt.com/mamidigital

MySpace: www.myspace.com/mamidigital

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