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Women Making History: Catzie of two.one.five magazine

If you’re ever fortunate enough to be in the presence of M.I.S.S. Catzie Vilayphonh, stop what you’re doing and take notes. There’s a good chance this lady’s working on something big. Catzie’s been making big moves for years and has deservingly become a highly respected person in the fashion industry and beyond.

After the jump, Catzie introduces and shares a little about herself…

My name is Catzie Vilayphonh, and I am the Fashion Director for two.one.five Magazine (215mag.com) and on the site I also write a weekly interview column called Catz Out The Bag questioning all kinds of interesting folks from designers to directors, artists to actors. In terms of styling I’m working with Nikki Jean and though its been written somewhere I’m not officially the stylist for The Roots – but I did work on a photoshoot with ?uestlove and Black Thought does keep asking me who the hot brands are (so if you got something, send it my way!). Before that I was an editor at dorkmag.com, and a manager and assistant buyer at Ubiq. As a writer, I’ve contributed to the Philly Weekly and Theme Magazine. For the last 8 years I’ve also been part of a spoken word group called Yellow Rage, and we were featured on the first episodes Def Poetry in 2000, when it was actually good. I am Laotian American and proud of it! I’m going to be featured in the next issue of the only Lao American publication that exists, Lao Roots Magazine. I’ve lived in Philly for most of my life so if you ever need a tour or wanna talk cheesesteaks, I’m your girl!

Catzie showing Laotian pride!

Catzie stylin’ Mr. Illadelph himself, QuestLove of The Roots!

In the most recent Catz Out The Bag, Catzie interviews film-legend Henry Chalfant (Style Wars) and the woman behind the film Juno, Diablo Cody.

Before Catzie shared her thoughts in articles and columns, she shared her thoughts on HBO’s Def Poetry. She says:

“I thought I’d never see the day where I’m actually advertising this but here it is: My Def Poetry Episode.”

“Please keep in mind I was only 21 years old at the time, scared shitless about having my mom see me, intimidated by Amiri Baraka, harassed by Mos Def, and clueless about how a taping works. I closed my eyes for a good 10 secs, I was that scared and nervous.”

Stay up with Catzie at 215mag.com!

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3 Responses to “Women Making History: Catzie of two.one.five magazine”

  1. SWITCH™ says:

    i believe i classify under “turn-offs” haha

  2. chichi says:

    didnt know you were featured in that episode,
    that was truly one fo ym favorites,
    continue to empower the fashion industry w/ your blessed words.


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