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Women in Sneakers Tour ’08 at Verse this Sunday

Bay Area represent! If you live in or around the Bay make sure to stop by Verse sneaker shop in Oakland this Sunday. From 12-5pm, they’ll be showcasing art by local, Ashley Arnold, D.J.’s will be playing and they’ll be having a fashion show by Homeygrown, showcasing wears Rockill and Artiffact.

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One Response to “Women in Sneakers Tour ’08 at Verse this Sunday”

  1. Homeygrown says:

    Ladies!! Can you kick it??

    Come through in your freshest kicks!

    Sign our slambook and get your photo took to document your life in your kicks.

    Munchies and refreshments will be provided, as well as funky groovin’ sounds by local DJs.

    Stick around for the Homeygrown fashion show!

    Hope to see ya’ll there!


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