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The Helter Skelter Collection from Toujours Toi

Add a definite little something-something to your look with the “Helter Skelter” collection from Toujours Toi. The Spring/Summer ’08 selection from Toujours Toi by Nina Egli is a kalidescope of vibrant colors and is described as:

“HELTER SKLETER” wants to party with you on rooftops and in the garden, have you take rockets to outer space and become rainbow warriors

It’s all about being alive, being positive and loud!
it’s about putting yourself out there in all your crazy colors!
It’s about taking a leap, diving from a cliff, falling in love again
and laughing your ass off. It’s a never before seen mix of fake bamboo
beads, real crystals, neon feathers, planet charms paired with black,
silver and golden chains.

I would described the collection as a Peter Max painting come to life with a touch of bamboo, can you dig it? I certainly can. So get with it and peep the complete collection after the jumpity jump!




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