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I was recently introduced to this site. At first glance, I thought it was a joke. However, after reading through many of the posts, I have found them interesting, funny, & well-written. In my opinion, there is also alot of truth to them. (I can say that, as I am a white person who enjoys expensive sandwiches, coffee, and Mos Def– all things listed on this site as “stuff white people like.”) Today’s post was all about “T SHIRTS.” Again, I have found alot of truth to this article– such as acquiring an amazing tee at the Goodwill is better than purchasing one in an expensive vintage store. I think my favorite quote from the article is as follows — “Faux vintage shirts (“Getting Lucky in Kentucky”) are completely unacceptable. They are beloved be the wrong kind of white people, and must be avoided at all costs.” Genius.

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