Sneakerology 101


Carnegie Mellon University: Elite American institution, future home of the Gates Center for Computer Science, and educator of the inner workings at Blue Ribbon Sports aka Nike?

The Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania university currently offers an undergraduate course that is devoted solely to sneaker culture – sneakerology 101. Yes, you heard a correctly.

The class covers everything from the Adidas Superstar that Run DMC championed in the 80s to the day-glo throw-up currently dominating the backs of sneakerheads in the form of hoodies and graphic tees.

Bobbito Garcia’s Where’d You Get Those? – documents sneaker culture in New York from 1960 to 1987- is used as a reference as well as various sneaker sites. (Are they using Hypebeast as a learning tool? WTF!)

However, like any other college course, there is a mid-term. In particular, a project that deals with the overall design of a sneaker.

So, if you’re able to afford the $50,000 tuition next semester – openings are still available.


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