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Philadelphia Museum of Art: Frida Kahlo

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In honor of March being Women’s History Month, I wanted to let the ladies know that the Frida Kahlo exhibition is currently on display the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  This is the first major Kahlo exhibition in the United States in fifteen years. As a result of an accident at age 15, Frida Kahlo turned her attention from a medical career to painting.  Often drawing from her personal experiences, her works are often shocking in their stark portrayal of pain and the harsh lives of women.  She was also inspired by the indigenous Mexican culture, aspects of which she portrayed in bright colors, with a mixture of realism and symbolism.   Exhibition runs from February 20, 2008 – May 18, 2008.  

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2 Responses to “Philadelphia Museum of Art: Frida Kahlo”

  1. LADYGHETTO666 says:

    wow!! I luv Frida kahlo,and good blog….
    greetings from Mexico,city!!!

  2. meg says:

    Frida is the shit. There’s some background and more links on her here:

    But they need to update the page with this info!!!


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