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M.I.S.S. x Office Tramp Giveaway!!!

office tramp
office tramp
M.I.S.S. hearts Office Tramp and we are very excited to give you a chance to win 1 of 2 necklaces from the Office Tramp collection. Not to be confused with loose women, the Office Tramp ladies define themselves as . . . .

A young female, working hard for the $$$$ at some boring job to pay for the 3 essentials in life: Rent, Bills, and Fashion!!! The Office Tramp’s style is to NEVER BE BORING. She is slightly rebellious, plenty independent, and a whole lotta flashy. For the Office Tramp, great style means taking risks even if you incite office gossip. Office job’s can be dull, but really now, data entry isn’t so bad if you’re lookin’ cute!

office tramp

Here’s your chance to get a little bit of that Office Tramp Charm!!

The Deadline for entry is FRIDAY, MAR. 21st, 11:59 PST. Answer the following 2 questions correctly and “Wow” us with your most heartfelt and creative response to the 3rd question. The winner will be picked based on how much of an O.T. Girl she is (answer to the final question) and having answered all other questions correctly. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Please include your name and address in your email. All entries should be sent to: with the subject line “Office Tramp Giveaway”.

1. Name 3 movies that depict women in their “working girl” hustle.

2. Name the quintessential Donna Summer song that is an Office Tramp anthem.

3. Tell us about your “9 to 5” and why you’re an “Office Tramp”.

office tramp

May the Fly-est Girl win!!

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