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M.I.S.S. March 2008

miss march
The words of the great L.L. Cool J come to mind when gazing upon our March “Playmate”: “Mama said KNOCK YOU OUT!”. More like TKO. I mean you know you weren’t ready for this. Introducing M.I.S.S. March, the Mama x Adidas Pro Mama. Made for the ladies by “the” lady herself, Mama knows best and she only gives us the best in this collab; from the custom “Mama” name-plate lace lock, lace print insoles, heart shape quilting, patent and 3-M and more importantly a reminder that us ladies don’t always want PINK shoes. Thank-you. Keep your eyes to the sky and ears to the streets for the official drop date, until then enjoy the eye candy!
miss march

Download the M.I.S.S. March 2008 calendar here.

Download the M.I.S.S. March 2008 desktop here.

Art Direction & Photography: Smoke & Mirrors Creative
Nail Art: Liz Baca/The Goods!
Model: Myra
Post Production: Alex Valdez
Exclusive Pro Mama Sample from Mama Clothing.

If you missed out on February’s “Playmate?, never fear! You can download the Desktop image here and the Calendar here.

If you missed out on January’s “Playmate”, you can download the calendar here and the desktop here.

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