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MADE Jewelry

I had the pleasure of meeting the ladies behind MADE Jewelry at the San Francisco State University PACE Fashion Show. Talk about WOW! Their pieces are all handmade to perfection, using materials like: silver, gold, natural stones, rare charms and other one-of-a-kind materials.

What makes MADE Jewelry unique? Well, for starters, the owner/designers Debbie Sheen and Abigail Rivamonte, are super friendly and want to ensure that you are accentuating your best features and revealing your personal side with their jewelry. Who doesn’t love that?! Take a look at my top picks and read more after the jump!

The earrings below, Smitten, are from MADE’s AM Collection. These are for the heartbreakers! Retail: $45.

The Escargot‘s below are from MADE’s PM Collection. I love the details these earrings offer and the elegance they exude. Retail: $30.

Now, my all time favorite piece from MADE Jewelry is from their Wrap Collection, it’s called I Left My Heart in the Bay. This is my top pick because even though I am an L.A. girl at heart, moving to San Francisco has changed my life in so many good ways, that I can’t help but love it here. So, no matter where I venture off to in the future, a piece of my heart will be left in the bay. Retail: $40.

Support the ladies on their mission of providing “an uncompromised style that empowers freedom and movement.”

Visit MADE Jewelry for more information.

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  1. Lady Bird SF says:

    I love the pair of the pair of Made earring that I copped at the SF State Fashion show, there’s something special about products made by human hands, the energy that is put into it’s creation stays with the creation. When I rock my pair of “Red” I really fo feel fierce. You can also find Made earrings at isso SF on 24th and Church St. in San Francisco.


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