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Le Coq Sportif Dynatec Sneaker Re-Release

Le Coq Sportif will issue a re-release of their Dynatec sneakers, in red, white and blue in the US.


Above, is the original document from 1984 about the technology of the first Dynatec shoe, released in 1982. At the time it was highly innovative–now it is more about the style and comfort. The sneaker will be retailing for $90 with a limited release for March (about 10 stores nationwide). However, the release will continue into Fall as a re-issue, but that won’t be until September! Read the English translation after the jump..



All-terrain stability. Le Coq Sportif invents a double exterior structure.

At a time where the grand majority of improvements made on running shoes only concern small details, Le Coq Sportif presents a totally revolutionary shoe: the Dynatec.


The only one in the world

Because it is situated at the exterior of the shoe and is an integral part of the sole, the stiffener that surrounds the heel, the “Heel-Stabilizer,” distinguishes itself from all other comparable systems: higher to better stabilize the foot, and on a vertical plane to prevent all twisting, this semi-hard stiffener was designed after intensive research to achieve optimal stability without the least bit of discomfort.

Because it is situated at the exterior of the shoe, the arch-support, Extra-Support, avoids the discomfort occasionally caused by conventional arch-supports. Higher and larger, Le Coq Sportif’s Extra Support gives each foot the support it needs. It provides additional lateral support that cannot be found in any other shoe in the world.


Total Comfort

Now, for the first time, a running shoe is concieved as a slipper perched on a sole. No discomfort will compromise the fit and feel of the Dynatec. Benefiting from the stability and the support it needs, the foot rests on a larger sole that provides excellent traction. The stride becomes simultaneously more confident and more natural. Experts are unanimous: it’s a revolution.


Other innovations from Le Coq Sportif

Sole wear-down halted at the point few other shoes are, for the benefit of the feet. Sole with shock-protecting properties (Free-Form), ankle protection preventing stress to the Achilles tendon (Free-Protect), laces to the tip of the foot (Full Lace.)






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3 Responses to “Le Coq Sportif Dynatec Sneaker Re-Release”

  1. Denny says:

    Where are these shoes retailing? (10 stores nationwide) I can’t find anybody carrying them. Do you mind posting which retailers offer the ‘Dynatec’, if you know. Thanks!!


  2. valter says:

    gostava que me informace onde posso comprar uns tenis dynatec pois ja tive uns em pequeno. tenho procurado mas nao encontro. obrg.


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