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JOYRICH, a brand as well as a store, debuted in 2007 with a concept of “FREEDOM/HOPE/DREAM/LOVE = JOYRICH”. Supporting the image of being casual and laid-back but yet rich and luxurious, JOYRICH has been designed to promote a lifestyle that is rich in content. The store carries intelligently selected range of upcoming and respected local and international labels, as well as the JOYRICH brand for both men and women. The boutique attracts an international customer base with the common thread of an affinity for forward-thinking fashion, music, and art.

Entrepreneur Tom Hirota holds high the philosophy that one should never forget to enjoy life. Store and brand owner from Japan, his mission is to leave his stamp on America, and eventually the world. With over a decade experience in the fashion industry, his most recent conquest is the JOYRICH boutique located on 7700 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Complementing JOYRICH ‘s carefully selected brands is the stores motley and colorful L.A. based team.

While JOYRICH is a smart boutique, Tom’s smartest move may be keeping his finger on the pulse at all times and surrounding himself with a savvy international crew. Hirota is only beginning to make his mark on the scene. With intent to go global, he plans to open JOYRICH stores internationally. JOYRICH will continue to collaborate with brands and artists, to create and produce exclusive product, as well as interactive and exciting events throughout years to come. Developed in Japan, born in the City of Angels, the JOYRICH store will quickly become a global hotspot and welcomes everyone!

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