Is the Prada fairy melting?!


If there were ever a time to rejoice in being broke, it would be now.

Miuccia Prada may not win the masses over with her Art Nouveau-ish collection of skinny-rib knits, flared trousers, and checkered dresses this season, but the fairy bag she created with artist James Jean is driving people completely b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

Like any good “itâ€? bag, the fairy bag, which retails for $2290, has an annoying three month waiting list and the only people currently toting the bags – of course – are celebrities: Tilda Swiden, Sienna Miller, Catherine Deneuve, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Bee Schaeffer.

Well, there are a few “commonersâ€? who managed to snag one and although they love their new purchase – it seems to be melting. The ink on the handbags is bleeding. According to Purseblog, quite a few people have been complaining to Prada SA’s about the problem. It’s unknown if Madame Prada and co. will be giving people refunds, but there definitely will measures in place to make sure the next round of bags are a more water-resistant.

Eh, we still wouldn’t mine owning one.


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