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fruitionlorange.jpg   Dr. Romanelli has launched a “Farm Fresh” collaboration with Fruition for Spring 2008.  Some of you may have already seen the clothing.   The Doctor’s  familiar hodgepodge aesthetic of fleece – meets track jkts – meets crazy quilt – is amazing of course.  I know we talk a lot about clothes on this blog.   However, I would like to focus on the graphic design surrounding this collabo. I find it quite ingenious, and would like to give praise to whomever was responsible for design directing and executing the graphics for this “Farm Fresh” collaboration.  Inspired by vintage signage and fruit crate labels, the images creatively blend the advertising of yesteryear with the Romanelli-Fruition flair.   There was thought and obvious flawless talent put behind this presentation.  It’s extremely refreshing to see that it does not fit the mold of the majority of streetwear graphics that are currently flooding this industry.  I work in the design field and I am surrounded by graphic/fashion design every day.  When I see artwork executed like this, it makes me remember why I got into this crazy biz.  fruitionapple.jpg  fruitonboxes.jpg  fruitonstorefront.jpg           
Here is some great vintage fruit advertising I found…..
applekids.jpg  skyranch.jpg 

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