Did Pierre Hardy design our Gap sandals?!


It’s finally here:

The Pierre Hardy limited-edition collection of sandals for Gap.

Pierre designed six different styles of sandals ranging in prices from $78 to $98. This weekend, we ventured into our local G-store to check the designs out in person, and what we found kind of surprised us.

First, there was no one as excited as us in the entire store. No one. In fact, we drew a few stink eyes from customers who just coulnd’t understand our excitement over the hundred dollar sandals that nobody else was drooling over but us — like a bunch of chicks who just found a pair of Marc Jacob jelly sandals for 50% off in our size.

And why might that be? None of the sandals had Pierre’s name on them. They all were branded with Gap’s Design Edition. Strange, no? Of course, the Frenchman designed the shoes. And anybody who has been patiently awaiting his “affordable? collection to hit stateside knows this as well. But the average non-Balenciaga worshiping customer doesn’t know this. And isn’t this the demographic Gap is trying to lure back into their store?

With no major advertising about the collaboration, why does Gap expect customers to pay a hundred dollars for a pair of sandals? If we didn’t know Pierre was behind the design, we wouldn’t.

Oh, well. This just means we’ll be able to catch the rest of the sandals on sale. Yay!


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One Response to “Did Pierre Hardy design our Gap sandals?!”

  1. Tracy Law says:

    I am desparate to buy these GREAT sandals!!!!! I live in the UK, how do I purhase them, please?
    Thanks Tracy Law
    PS.I am a European size 40


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