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Always A Lady: Leave Something To The Imagination

Whether you know it or not, everyone has their own code of conduct they live by. Mine? Always A Lady. Whatever comes my way, no matter how difficult or frustrating, I try to handle it like a lady – with class and that feminine je ne sais quoi. When I’m out and about, I see lots of conduct unbecoming a Lady so I thought I’d start a column on the little things that make the Ladies stand apart from the girls.

always a lady
Image & Quote: Mlle. Gabrielle Chanel

Lesson 1: Leave Something To The Imagination

I was at In-N-Out this past weekend and in line ahead of me was a group of 12 girls, all in tiny, tiny dresses with their boobs hanging out and their dresses barely long enough to cover their tushes. The first thing that went through my head was “Too much information!” Not only that, most of them wore their tiny dresses with bare legs and stilettos, leaving me to ask . . . “Why do girls dress like strippers????”

Somehow, somewhere, sexy became equated with showing everything. Ladies know that sexy means leaving a little something to the imagination. Don’t get me wrong, a tiny dress has it’s time and place. It’s how you mix it up that makes the difference.

First, pick a spot. What are you revealing? Women are beautiful beings and have so many erogenous zones. There’s your back, shoulders, decolletage, legs, derriere. Pick one spot to play up and feature. Just 1! When you focus on one feature it automatically is highlighted and instantly adds drama to that area. It’s like cosmetics – experts always say to play up one feature. Same rules apply to sexy clothing.

To the ladies I saw at In-N-Out, I would have recommended the following:

1. If you’re going super-short and want to wear femme fatale stilettos then please wear tights or leggings. There are tons of options available these days and they can add a nice color accent or texture to your ensemble. If you want to go bare, that’s cool, but I would probably opt for a flat shoe.

2. It was the dead of winter and these ladies did not have an outer layer in sight. I think it’s so crazy when I go out at night and see girls in tiny outfits when it’s freezing outside. What are you thinking? It’s cold! You look like an idiot. Please, dress for the weather or you just end up looking silly.

3. Don’t wear the same outfit as your friend. I see this happen a lot. Groups of friends end up dressing similarly. If you know 10 of your friends are wearing a little black dress then wear something different or make it exceptional.

Until next time ladies, stay classy.

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    all truth,
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