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Always A Lady: How To Glide In Stilettos

always a lady
Oh, the Stiletto. How I love you! These sexy-lady-shoes got their name from the Italian word for “dagger” and if you’ve ever been stepped on by one, you know why. The stiletto made its debut on the Christian Dior runway in 1955, designed by none other than shoe genius Roger Vivier. Marilyn Monroe and other Hollywood starletts helped make the stiletto infamous. Whenever I have to get dressed up, my motto is “the higher the better.” I love wearing stilettos, they make me feel like a woman and they do wonders for sex appeal. That’s why it makes me very, very sad when I see girls wearing stilettos who maybe should be sticking to kitten heels. Ladies, if you’re going to wear them, wear them well, don’t let the shoes wear you.

Last weekend I was out shopping and I was waiting on the sidewalk for my friend. I was people watching as I waited and then I saw this monstrosity stomping her way down the street. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to be mean she was just walking so crazy she looked like a bear. Why? Because she was wearing stilettos while shopping, she was walking with her legs wide open and knees bent and she was stomping down with each step as if she were killing ants. I am by no means proclaiming that you should not wear stilettos while shopping. I am saying that you should only be wearing stilettos while shopping if you are a stiletto pro. Here are some tips to get you there. . .

1. Stand Up Straight!
Posture is so important in how you present yourself always, especially when wearing stilettos. Here is when my 18+ years of ballet start to kick in and help out. First try this with bare feet, then with heels. To have proper posture you must do the following: a) hold your chin up; b) make sure your shoulders are down and wide (not up by your ears); c) suck in your stomach; d) tuck your butt in (no arch in your back – and this doesn’t mean that if you have a booty you can’t do this. . . it’s all in the muscles . . . do what you can); e) straighten and elongate your spine; f) straighten your legs but don’t over-straighten so that your legs are concave. Ballet, Pilates and Yoga classes are amazing for help in this area because they deal with lengthening muscles, finding your center and developing your core strength – all of which lead to better posture. Here is an old school diagram that may help . .
always a lady

Now, the minute you throw on a pair of 4 inchers your whole posture gets out of wack . . .
Image via The Washington Post

Do your best to not lean forward like the leaning Tower of Pisa. Once you’re in the stilettos get your balance and regain your posture. Don’t forget to not look down and keep your chin up!

2. Walk The Walk
When you wear stilettos, you have to do the “stiletto walk”, which should be different from your walk when you’re in kicks. When wearing heels, imagine a line in front of you that is centered with your body. With each step, extend your leg fully and set down one foot directly in front of the other. It’s really important that you walk with one foot in front of the other. First, it prevents you from looking really sloppy and walking with your legs spread open (this is never a good look). Second, and most importantly, it gives you the natural swivel of the hip which is very necessary when you’re turning heads.

3. Keep The Shoes On
Any time I’ve ever been at a dressy event I see those girls. You know, the ones that take their shoes off and walk around barefoot with their shoes in hand. This is a giant pet peeve of mine. Ladies don’t walk around barefoot unless they’re at the pool or the beach, least of all at a dressy event. If you don’t think your feet can make it through the whole night, that’s fine, bring a change of shoes – preferably not flip flops. Nothing looks worse than a beautiful woman in a gorgeous dress and . . . barefoot or with flip flops on her feet.

I hope these tips help you glide in your 4-5 inchers. While writing this I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite videos on MTV as a kid (when they still played videos) and I’ve pasted it below for your viewing pleasure. It also ties into last week’s post and shows a good example of how to wear a mini-skirt with stilettos – with hose and ruffle socks of course!

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