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Valentine’s Day Goodies: Bubbly!

miss crew valentine's day goodies
Bubbly is not just for New Years. Any time I want to celebrate I know that I like my booze with bubbles! If you want Champagne, then it has to come from the Champagne region in France. If it’s not from there it’s not champagne, it’s “sparkling wine.” That’s ok though because there are many different varieties. The Italians have Asti Spumanti which tends to be on the sweeter side. Straight out of Cali we have Sofia Sparkling wine, named after Sofia Coppola. If you want to grab and go Sofia is available as a “mini” in pink cans complete with little straws. If you’re more of a red wine person, no worries, try Lambrusco. Also an Italian variety Lambrusco is red sparkling wine and happens to be one of my favorites. If beer is more your style but you want something festive I recommend Lambic in Cherry or Raspberry – it’s sweet, yummy and bright red! Lastly, if you want a non-alcoholic option there’s always the tasty Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider. Whatever your preference, no beverage says “special” like something that will bubble over. Salute!
miss crew valentines day goodies bubbly
Yummy beveages clockwise from top left: Martinelli’s, Champagne, Lambrusco, Sofia Sparkling Wine

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