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The Vegas Diaries…Day 2: Pool

The Pool show has grown a little in size, which explains why the United show has become smaller…Many of the brands that exhibited at United last fall have found their way to Pool. I have to say, their hasn’t been much out their that’s stood out as new and exciting…So, I visited some of our favorite brands and managed a couple of new things…

Oh, how we love 31 Corn Lane!!! They have recently introduced a new “luxury” jewelery line named, Tipton & Downing. Such a rich and regal name, right? But just in case you don’t get the reference, Tipton and Downing are the last names of the two guitar players in Judas Priest….sooooooooo good! This line of lux jewels come in gold and silver tones, retail at $50 to $75 and include names like “Love Measured in Carrots” and “Little Stinker”.

The Sperber sisters have also introduction jewels into their 31 Corn Lane collection. The offering of fruit bling rings are adorable and look super tough when worn all together.  Ain’t nobody gonna mess with you when sporting knuckles full of fruit…but you’ll have to wait until May to get yours.

Their most recent collection for Spring 08 is entitled “Hot Air”. The hot air balloon reference comes from the post cards of hot air balloons their older sister would send them from Colorado in the late 80’s when she moved their to become a pro snowboarder. Apparently Colorado and Hot Air balloons go hand-in-hand…who knew.

For Fall we can looked forward to the preppy chic collection inspired by the Sperber sisters facination with the girls of Rumson County Day Prep School in New Jersey. As young girls they admired from afar these young ladies dressed head to toe in the latest looks from ESPRIT and Benetton and yearned to cruise with them in their white VW Cabriolet’s…you know what girls those where. Little did they know that years later they would inspire a whole line of accessories.

And for Fall II we can expect this…

Onward to some of our favorite dudes from Philly…Magick Outlaw always puts their best foot forward with the crazy, crazy designs. The kind of stuff that makes you say “wow” out loud and stare in amazement that someone out there actually has these things running a muck in their creative consciousness. We love it. And more amazement came in the formation of this most righteous banner airbrushed by the magick hands of Kerry Kenney.

And here are a few selects from Spring 08’s collection, The Super-Way. I mean really, is their any other way?

The bottom two designs up above are from the Spring collection of Exact Science. They do mostly mens tees but here are a few things available for the ladies.

A nice surprise in my walk came in the form of vintage deadstock sunlgasses!!! These guys come from SoCal and have you covered in the vintage shades from the 50’s-80’s. Check out La Bomba Vintage for more details.

Another treat came in the form of these amazing feathered earrings. Each earring is hand-made by Ashley Doty for Rise Up. Rise up is a creative collective of artists that uses the fashion industry as a tool to empower children out of poverty. They are a world wide effort that offers free education centers, art vocational schools in China, India, Central America, and America. All products support their efforts to provide children the opportunity to live a life free from poverty and exploitation. Rise Up symbolizes conscious clothing.

And other jewelery offerings from Rise Up…

And lastly the full range of Vivian Westwood for Melissa shoes…

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