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Stilettos, Pumps! In The Bedroom?


Experts down under are reporting that wearing heels can be good for a woman’s sex life, as high heels tone women’s legs and strengthen pelvic muscles. Read the article here.
We already knew that heels made our legs look long, sexy and desirable, so the fact that tests showed that our pelvic muscles are more relaxed when we wear higher heels, which increases their strength and ability to contract is some pretty good news. Maybe the “pint sized actress” who won’t take her shoes off during sex is on to something! Now, before you run out there to stock up on stilettos to (ahem) “keep it tight, aiight,” just keep in mind that heels are also detrimental to your well-being, as they can cause numerous foot, leg, hip, and back problems. You can always Jane Fonda workout your hu-nanny with some kegel exercises. I for one, will take option b and will be sticking with my sneakers.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the kinda fly stiletto up tippy came down the runway in Baby Phat’s Fall 2008 collection at Fashion Week.

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