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Spring 2008 JanSport Artist Series Bags Preview


Yesterday in NYC, JanSport threw a launch party featuring the live tunes of Digable Planet’s Ladybug Mecca, and J. Boogie and debuted it’s latest collection of limited edition artist designed bags, featuring the art of UK artist Julie West and LA based grafitti artist JoeX2. Previous collections have been limited to backpacks, but with this collection we see messenger bags, and expandable upright luggage bags thrown into the mix with marvelous result. These bags will be released to stores in April 2008, but you can still find the winter collection in stores now. Check for product information and to find your local retailer for the series. Artist bios, inspiration and more photos after the jump.

Julie West
Homebase: East Midlands UK
A native Midwesterner and and artist from an early age, Julie West is no stranger to the paintbrush or the digital medium. Her work relies heavily on people and their environments, examining how they live and define themselves. The end result is often quirky, bizarre or ironic – a reflection of the unique moments that make us all human. These days Julie can be found making things in her studio, accompanied by her toy robots.

Inspiration for packs
“Girl with Balloons” and “Tree People” were born from the relationship between humans and nature – a recurring theme throughout Julie’s work. Julie studies the way the two interact with one another and their constant struggle for control and dependence.

Home Base: Los Angeles, CA
By way of Philadelphia, JoeX2 has been at the forefront of the graffiti movement in Los Angeles since the late 80’s. While previously focusing on the community art subculture. JoeX2’s work has evolved in the the last few years, mixing his heritage old school style of underground grafitti with everything from island flavor to cultural materialism. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his fiancee, Lucinda and French bulldog, Bad Girl

Inspiration for packs
“Seeing Red” was inspired bu the playful love-hate relationship of JoeX2’s dogs Garcia and Bad Girl.
“JoeX2” is an example of what the artist does best: street grafitti. While his street cred is never in question, JoeX2 brings something new to the game with each and every piece. This series bears his name, signature style and the throwback grafitti elements he’s known for.












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7 Responses to “Spring 2008 JanSport Artist Series Bags Preview”

  1. Ann says:

    Where can I buy from this line – they are so nice!!!!!!!!!!! Let me know
    NYC Based

  2. robyn says:

    I am trying to find one of JoeX2’s “Seeing Red” backpacks by Jansport. I have done an exhausive search. Can you help me find one? Robyn

  3. Jemaine says:

    is seeing red still in stock any were?

  4. Jemaine says:

    if so please let me know asap!
    i’m willing to pay any amount for that product!

  5. Gabriella GDK says:

    Hey Jemaine,
    I would check the link posted above. The product is a season old so I’m not sure if they even have any stock. I think your best bet is contacting Jansport directly they would be able to direct you to stockists. I’m sorry I can’t be of any further help! Best of luck on your search!

  6. akeem says:

    nice bigs i have the red bag


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