So, ANTM Is Producing Top Models?


Over the past few years, I’ve been so caught up in the campy deliciousness that is Tyra Bank’s America’s Next Top Model that I’ve never been able to catch any of the foreign reincarnations of the show.

I mean, what’s ANTM without Tyra’s pointless “Tyraisms.?

Anyways, I’m slightly regretting missing out on the episodes from “down under? because Australia’s winner Alice Burdeu actually has the idustry buzzing – but in a good way.

The knock-out red head made her prescense known at Proenza Scouler last week – causing the people at Marc Jacobs to take notice.

Like Saleisha, Alice is also signed to Elite NY. Can we give a boom-kat to the agents at Elite for all the MA-jor talent they have been scouting? (Karlie Kloss, Ali Stephens, Coco Rocha) IMG and Women/Supreme better watch out.

With Alice’s success in the NY market, it will be interesting to see how this will translate in terms of those key bookings in Milan and Paris.

In the meantime, Tyra’s tenth cycle on ANTM starts next Wednesday. Get excited…


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