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More “Girls Play” Preview Pics From Yours Truly

yours truly
Earlier this year we posted about “Girls Play”, Yours Truly’s new spring collection. We just received new photos that show different graphics and colorways of some of the tees previously seen.

Here’s what Jenny from Yours Truly has to say about her designs . . .
yours truly neck breaker

Neckbreaker: You know those girls that walk by and you can’t help, but to break neck? Anna Nicole was definitely one of those double-take worthy chicks. This tee is for the ladies who know they got something worth taking a second look at or maybe they’re just a classic hustler like Anna, and the product will sell itself.

More designs and insight from the designer after the jump . . .

yours truly

Dancing in the Streets: If you know anything about old school dances, you will see these dances depicted in this Tee: The Humpy Dance, Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Perculator, Harlem Shake, Cabbage Patch, Robot, Crip Walk (C-walk), Tootsie Roll, & the Kid and Play. Real girls get down on the floor!

Inner Titty Youth: Helping bad girls go good, this is for all the live ladies holdin’ it down.

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