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M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks and Tips of the Week: Keeping it Real – How to Make Your Haircolor Last

I’ve been dying my hair for 18 years now, and have had experience with all sorts of different types of hair dying processes; hennas, cellophanes, vegetable dyes, bleach, permanent, semi-permanent, at home and in salon. These days, I’m a highlighted, lowlighted, then toned girl atlernating between locks of caramel and sable blonde. So this week’s Tips and Picks are how to maintain your haircolor in between visits to the salon.


1. Wash every other day or every two days depending on hair texture and activities.

*(Even though I hate them, I use showers caps, A LOT.)
If you can’t stand to not wash your hair everyday, then alternate between shampoo/conditioning, then only rinsing with conditioner the next day.


2. Between Washings, use a dry shampoo (like Ojon’s – $24 at Sephora) or dry shampoo technique (see my D.I.Y. Tip from 4.22.07.)

3. Wash and Condition hair with a gentle, shampoo and deep conditioner.

*(My favorite is Kerastase’s Bain Miroir line – See beauty blog picks from 11.12.07)

4. Maintain color by using a color enhancing shampoo (dilute with an equal parts ratio with your regular shampoo with it to avoid over-drying) and follow with a glosser, then deep conditioner, 1-2 times per week.

*My favorite is ARTec Loreal Professionnel Color Shampoo. If you’re blonde and want to reduce brassiness use a shade with a violet/blue base. To enhance reds and browns, match your shade to their product descriptions listed here.

Price: $14.99
Value: Moderate
Accessibility: Moderate
Where to buy: HaircareUSA.com or Your Local Beauty Supply Store

Glosser of choice is John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze in Clear.

*This will bring your hair back to how it was straight out of the salon; silky, light, and super shiny with incredible vitality. The glossers come in formulas for brunettes, redheads, and blondes, but I prefer to use the clear glosser and the ARTec Color Enhancing shampoos, since these offer a wider variety of color options and solutions.

Price: $9.99
Value: Good
Accessibility: Great!
Where to buy: Drugstores
**LOOK at your local Newspaper ads for SALES on this item!!

5. Maintaining Roots – I don’t recommend touching up roots at home if you are highlighted or blonde.

*I stretch my cut and color to every 8-12 weeks, so when the roots start getting too long I wear my hair back, like this:

Enjoy and stay posted for more beauty tips and picks to come next week!

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