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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: The Grab-And-Go Kit

The Grab-And-Go Kit
(or, the essentials you should always have packed in your carry on)

Ladies who travel often know that it can be a real pain to pack, unpack, repack, rinse and repeat every time they have to hop a plane for work (or a quick weekend sanity getaway). It can really eat up your time.

You can avoid some of that wasted time, though, by preparing and keeping current a “Grab-And-Go” kit for your carry on bag. When you use something from the kit, just replace it as soon as you return from your trip and your “necessaries” will always be ready to go.

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Jet Set Beauty Must Have From Top Left: Top Row: Sephora, Second Row: Benefit, Third Row from Left: Lola and Urban Decay

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I use a gallon-sized ziplock bag to hold everything for easy transfer, and remove the liquids to a quart-sized ziplock bag for quick and easy security checks right before leaving for a trip. What should it include? You can customize your “Grab-And-Go” to your needs but here are some basic suggestions:

Essential Toiletries – travel-sized containers of shampoo, conditioner, hair smoothing serum, your favorite facial cleanser and/or scrub, moisturizer (which can double as body lotion), a tube of unscented plain lip balm, antiperspirant, a small jar of baking soda (see earlier Jet Set posts for info on how versatile baking soda can be!), some individual packets of salt and sugar (to use as facial exfoliants in a pinch), a ladies safety razor, a travel toothbrush, a travel toothpaste (if you simply won’t brush with baking soda), a few floss picks, a small wide toothed comb, a small vent brush.

Essential Makeup – a small set of travel-sized makeup brushes (Lola makes a good set), a mineral powder foundation (I like Neutrogena’s packaging and wearability), a powder blush that can double as an eyeshadow (theBalm’s Hot Mama blush is a great color), a small pot of brown eyeshadow (Jane makes some great colors – just match to your eyebrow color and use for contouring, lining and for use as a brow powder), a small pot of light or white eyeshadow (again, Jane’s a good choice – use for highlighting eyes or other parts of your face – use a light touch), a small black eyeliner (if you need a little drama), a “non-color” lip liner (BeneFit’s D’finer D’liner is perfect), one neutral lipstick or gloss (Sally Hansen Maximum Moisture Lip Treatment in Buff is a good balance between a pinkish-nude color and a gloss), and mascara in black (I’m a fan of Kiss Me mascara since you don’t need remover to take it off).

Other Essentials – a clean washcloth (in it’s own small ziplock bag), two pairs of spare underwear, one pair of socks, three tampons, a styptic pencil (helps close nicks and small cuts), a travel-sized tube of aloe gel, a few adhesive bandages, a clean contact lens case and travel-sized bottle of saline solution (if you wear contacts), a tiny eyeglass repair kit ($1 at most drugstores and smaller than a pencil), a spare pair of glasses in a hard case, a spare pair of sunglasses in a hard case, a pair of tweezers, an emery board, a tiny pair of embroidery scissors, a few safety pins, a travel-sized bottle of pain reliever, a few bags of your favorite tea, sugar-free gum, a couple of power bars, a few days worth of vitamins, a tiny bottle of clear nail polish, a few individually packaged sanitary wipes, hair elastics and bobby pins in a color close to your hair color, a pen, a mechanical pencil, a mini-permanent marker, a mini-notebook.

This seems like a lot of stuff for one gallon-sized container, but with a little effort spent to find small sized items, you’ll be surprised at how much really CAN fit in a little bit of space. It’s all about being organized and replenishing anything you use before you put away your luggage after a trip so that everything’s ready to go before your next trip rolls around.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the things you want in travel sizes. You can buy travel bottles cheaply at the drugstore, or you can make your own travel-sized containers out of old, well-washed prescription bottles. To help organize the whole shebang, develop a taste for Altoids products and hang on to the empty tins. Both the regular sizes and the mini-tins are great to make your own travel mending kits, first aid kits, or to keep teas and small snacks handy during travel. Just secure the lids with a hair elastic or two before you pack them to ensure they don’t accidentally pop open during transit.

Happy Travels!

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  1. What a great post. Unfortunately, after the New York Fashion Week trip, my luggage has been lost in transit. On the positive side, I get to purchase new essentials. For future travel, I am still trying to figure out how to carry the essentials in a carry-on bag without the airlines thinking I am a blonde terrorist.



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