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M.I.S.S. February ’08

miss february 2008
Holidaaaaay! Celebrate! Oh, the Holiday sneaker…Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, St. Patty’s, Easter, Valentines Day, Thanksgiving?? Yeah, even Thanksgiving. Now a days we look forward to a new sneaker release around each Holiday, perhaps more so than presents under the Christmas tree. They come “quick”, are gone even faster (usually), and often times fetch a premium on the resale market. There was a time when not all Holidays had a sneaker. This particular Valentines edition of the Nike Air Max 90 is from 2001 and is from the beginnings of the Holiday sneaker craze. It was love at first site. Don’t know about you but here at M.I.S.S. we’d take these over a box of chocolates any day. Oh, we still want the red roses and romantic dinner but the only box of something we want this Valentines Day best have kicks inside!
miss february 2008

Download the Desktop image here.

Download the Calendar here.

Art Direction & Photography: Smoke & Mirrors Creative
Nail Art: Liz Baca/The Goods!
Model: Myra
Post Production: Alex Valdez
Nike Valentines Day Air Max 90’s from the private collection of Liz Baca/The Goods!

If you missed out on January’s “Playmate”, never fear! You can download it here!

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