Marc Jacobs F/W ‘08


Guess who presented on time Friday night?

None other than Marc “I’ll be two hours late? Jacobs! Actually, he started seventeen minutes late, but it was only to give people enough time to make it to their seats. Plus, that was like five minutes early in the fashion world. That’s probably why Rachel Zoe was refused entrance. But more on that later…

The front row was filled with tons of celebrity “Dos,? “Donts,? and “WTFs?.

For the record: Marc campaign champions Victoria Beckham and M.I.A. were the “Dos? ( Love, love them!), Selma Blair’s haircut was the “Don’t? (Christina Ricci barely pulled it off), and well… you can guess what Kevin Federline was. (Really Marc? Front Row?)

Anyways, the show took place at the uber-exclusive Regiment Armory ( hints the bribery scandal) and Sonic Youth provided the rock ambiance for Marc’s Paurl Revere collection. The collection was full of muted pastels, casual, and not sexy. No, not sexy at all. Unlike last years overtly sexy lingerie pieces.

It was smart and very original. Beautiful? I don’t know.

On a side note: Abbey Lee did Big and little Marc this week; along with Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, Alexander Wang, Erin Fetherston, Lacoste, Jonathan Saunders, and lots, lots more.

Are you tired yet?

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