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I know, I know MAGIC was 2 weeks ago but I just unpacked so leave me alone. One of the best parts of going to the show is the free stuff. We got so much great stuff and it’s always cool to see what new promo item companies come up with. This past show had a clear winner. The best promo of MAGIC this year goes to 10 Deep. Their promo was so well thought out and perfect for Vegas. It consisted of a black bag (that you could use as a laptop bag), a t-shirt and a “MAGIC survival kit” which included a lighter (to “wake and bake”), gum to keep your breathe fresh (speak freely), a toothbrush, sunglasses and a condom – all things that most people use at some point or another in Vegas.

Check out the other great stuff after the jump . . .

Many thanks to everyone!!

CDs from Red Clay, Mishka, Revive and DJ Star Eyes

american apparel
Goodies from American Apparel

A tee from Winner’s Circle in Seattle

Headphones and some bling from Skull Candy

Tote & tee from Worship Worthy

some vinyl . . .

Nails Did stickers

Goodies from Exclusive in Hawaii

Goodies from Boroughbred, Reason & Rocksmith. Reason saves my life with matches every year.

And last but not least goodies from Mama & M.I.S.S. CREW!!

EyeASage’s Married To The Hustle Mixtape

Totebags and Nail Files!

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