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“Hey Ladies In The Place I’m Callin Out To Ya!”

Can I see a show of hands from the ladies who love hip-hop? I’m sure that most of you already know that female emcees finally started to make a bit of a comeback on the hip-hop scene in 2007 (seriously, what took so long?!?) Well, last week the New York Times published an article featuring this seemingly triumphant visibility and return to the forefront of the scene with big talents and underground faves Yo Majesty, Amanda Blank, Santogold, The Lady Tigra, and Kid Sister. Mainstream successes Missy Elliott and Eve should also be dropping new cd’s this year, so we can only hope that 2008 proves to be a blockbuster year for the ladies in hip-hop. It’s been a long time coming and I have my “Ladies Is Pimps Too” itunes playlist fired up, and ready for some new additions. Who else are you feeling?

Click the image to read the article and get familiar if you aren’t already.


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