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Green Jean: Good For Your Silhouette, Good For The Earth.

With the many things wrong with our world today, one thing that we can all help out with, is the environment. Global warming is a big issue and I’m sure you’re all doing your part right? You’re using eco-friendly light bulbs, recycling and using your big appliances after 7 pm, so now all your hard work has paid off!

J Brand Jeans have just launched their J Brand Green Label! The jeans are made of 100% organic indigo denim and available in different washes and styles from skinny to 22 inch bell-bottoms! YAY! As an added bonus, with each pair of jeans comes a limited edition organic tote bag with an eco-friendly guide to living an earth saving lifestyle. So, with all the money you’ve been saving from your electricity bill and recycling, you can afford to splurge a little and STILL maintain that eco-friendliness, in a very chic way!  


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