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Farah Malik’s “A Peace Treaty” Fashion Line

On behalf of Farah Malik of Ladies Lotto:The ladies are proud to announce their new accessory line, A Peace Treaty.  

The Spring/Summer ’08 collection consists of limited edition hand-loomed scarves from Pakistan. The scarves are all unisex and available in numerous patterns and colors! I’ve clicked around and most are selling out already! So if you’re looking to get yours or check ’em out, they will be available via A Peace Treaty and select boutiques.   

The site will be regularly updated with new, hot items, so check back to keep yourself lookin’ fly!   

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2 Responses to “Farah Malik’s “A Peace Treaty” Fashion Line”

  1. natalie says:

    congrats to farah & dana! wearing my APT scarf right now.

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