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Fancy Footwork: Designer Jellies!

Jelly shoes have sure come a long way since the 80’s! Thanks to original Brazilian jelly brands Melissa and Alexandre Herchcovitch , the jelly has gone through many transformations and has become its own category in footwear.

This year luxury designers are hopping on the jelly trend and are not disappointing! Earlier this month I reported about the F08 collabo between Melissa X Vivienne Westwood. Muito quente! If your jonesing for some designer jelly shoes now, no need to fret because some of our favorite brands are offering up their own version of the jelly this spring.
Top Right: Gucci, $150, Top Left: Givenchy, $165, Bottom Right: Fendi, $175, Bottom Left: Marc Jacobs, $160

And remember, aside from being super cute and affordable, jellies are waterproof and vegan friendly!

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One Response to “Fancy Footwork: Designer Jellies!”

  1. nikki says:

    uhmmm…the top left is gucci and the top right is givenchy. i even made sure to make the “L”s with my hands


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