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EyeASage & Mama Clothing present “Married to the Hustle”

Happy Valentine’s Day, Ladies! M.I.S.S. Crew has a present for you!

EyeASage and Mama Clothing came together to bring you the much-anticipated mixtape, by EyeASage herself, “Married to the Hustle? and as previously posted, M.I.S.S. Crew has an exclusive download for you!

Click on the image below to download!

Also, please stay tuned tomorrow for our exclusive interview with the lady behind the moniker, EyeASage—Ms. Krishtine De Leon. M.I.S.S. Lady Lexx sat down with rapper and got to the bottom of what makes this lady the renaissance woman she is!

Enjoy the mix and feel free to post your comments below!

MamaClothing.com & EyeASage Muzik Page

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5 Responses to “EyeASage & Mama Clothing present “Married to the Hustle””

  1. Krush L says:

    Who did the cover? It’s dope as fuck!

  2. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    Wow, thanks! That’d be me—M.I.S.S. Lady Lexx :)

  3. Loving her flow, Loving the whole thang! Dopeness…x

  4. skylar says:

    I just have to say this was probably one of the best posts I have read on the topic so far. I do not understand where you gather up all your information but I am impressed! I am gunna send a few individuals to this site to check this out. Awesome, simply amazing. I’m have just started getting into crafting articles myself, nothing remotely close to your writing skills (lol) but I would love for you to have a look at my stuff someday! bowfelx series 7 treadmill


  1. Mama Clothing …

    Married To The Hustle Mixtape Hosted by EyeASage Straight up, I’ve got just a few minutes here and so I’m assuming that Mama Clothing is, in fact, a fashion related enterprise though it could be a gang [of fashionistas] from what I see! It’s kind of…

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