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Dita Eyewear Launches Collaboration With Cazal Eyewear

I just saw these glasses and I am so happy. The 902 was originally released in 1982 and quickly became Cazal’s top seller until it was eventually discontinued fourteen years later in 1996. I love Cazals and this Dita remix of the 902 is pretty crazy. The red & yellow frames are limited to 250 pairs worldwide and the black & gold are limited to 500 pairs worldwide. They’re a bit spendy as far as glasses go but it’s not everyday that you come by a pair of glasses that look this fly and have the case, the cleaning cloth, and the case-for-the-case. The attention to detail is amazing and when you spend that much on glasses, you want to make sure the case will protect them – this case will protect your case! For this special release, the 902 will be produced at Cazal’s production facility in Germany. Here’s the word on the street about the glasses:

Dita Eyewear is honored to announce the RE-RELEASE of the Cazal 902 in very limited and exclusive Dita color-ways. The Cazal 902 has always been one of Dita’s favorite vintage frames. So instead of just incorporating elements of that frame into their own design they pitched the idea to Cazal to re-produce a very limited run of the 902 with a touch of Dita style in the design. A deep respect and admiration for quality, design and production has for the first time, brought two independent eyewear companies together to collaborate on a project that promises to be truly exciting.

The limited collection of glasses is available worldwide at only the best retail locations beginning Friday, February 22, 2008.

The glasses are available online at to US & Canada based customers. Order now and get FREE 2 Day Shipping (UPS Business Days). Woo Hoo!

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One Response to “Dita Eyewear Launches Collaboration With Cazal Eyewear”

  1. pat says:

    Any chance of finding cazal326 color 951 blue/clear in 53-13 they are the plastic nose piece frames which I have to have. Cannot use the nose pads that are moveable. I have over the years had many cazal frames and love them, their design has changed greatly, with most frames using moveable nose pads.


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