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Boosted Films: Saber & Retna

Retna, La Palma Verdee

You may remember earlier this year we posted about Boosted Films featuring Revok & Saber and Claw Money. Boosted Films has just added some new films featuring Saber and Retna.

Saber, Downtown LA

The Saber video shows the artist at work hanging his show, “Close Encounters” and gives you a glimpse into his world – view the Saber video:

Listen to Retna talk about his passion for his art, how he got started and how he made the transition to fine art – view the Retna video:

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One Response to “Boosted Films: Saber & Retna”

  1. lady coveted says:

    what a beautiful artist! it’s cool to think about doing what you love instead of chasing the paycheck.


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