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And the “Get The Look” Winner Is………..!!!!

Hope the suspense hasn’t been killing you ladies!! And my apologies for taking extra time to announce this…it’s been a busy couple of weeks!!! First off we would like to thank everyone that took the time to send in their answers and stories! It means a lot to me to read what it is that makes you excited about vintage clothing and what your “history” is with shopping second hand. Please believe me when I say that I wish I could have given you all a prize pack…it was a hard decision to make. But we had to make one (well actually we ended up with a second place winner too) and the lucky lady that’s getting The Goods! is, Ms. Victoria Shumikhina!!!! Check her out rocking her favorite vintage item, her “ringmaster jacket” and read what makes Ms. Vixy passionate about vintage clothing…”Rocking vintage duds gives me the freedom to experiment with my style, and lets me stand out, especially at my college…” and how a couple of warts can’t keep her from the hunt! The full story after the jump!

And here’s how Ms. Vixy got “The Look”…

1. What popular t.v. show from the early 90’s did J.Lo do her thang as
a “Fly Girl” on?
– In Living Color.

2. Define “Buffalo Stance”.
– It’s a pose popularized in the late 1980’s where you strongly stand, crossing your arms over one another, and look to the side at somebody. It was named after Bruce Smith of the Buffalo Bills since he used to used to stand in this pose. It’s also the name of one of Neneh Cherry’s songs.

3. What crafty tool from the 70’s/80’s made adding glitz and glamour
to your wardrobe as easy as “snap, push, & pop”?
– The Bedazzler Machine.

4. Tell us about your love for rocking vintage clothing and what your
favorite vintage item is you own and why.

…Even if not every average person gets my style, the grannies love me. When I cop something vintage, I am pretty much sure that no one else will have the same item as me. I kid you not, digging through mountains of old clothing and discovering cheap fly ass gear hipes me up because I feel like I discovered a treasure. It’s so worth the effort… like some people go to the gym and whip themselves, well, as for me, vintage shopping is my way of dealing with stress. The best part of good vintage scavenging is going to an event and people complementing my fresh outfit, asking who the designer is. I love the look on their face when I tell them that it is no brand and I spent a total of 12$ on everything (more than 10 times cheaper than they did on their look). Look like a dime, while spending a dime, na’mean? Alright, if I didn’t win you over already, get this. A couple of months ago I got a couple of warts on the fingers of my right hand. YUCK! After questioning me, the dermatologist deducted that they probably sprung up from handling old clothing at vintage stores. He actually advised me to cut down on such shopping but… ha! Nothing can’t hold me back from ma love.

My favorite vintage item has to be this dressy couture suede jacket that doesn’t zip nor button. My boyfriend’s mom got for me one Christmas at some underground spot. It’s so crack- it’s black and has an illusion of a beige vest ontop of it. Then around the neck and on the edges of the sleeves, there are shapes that resemble parrot
feathers in vivid green, yellow, red, and lavender. Then, to top it off, the edges of the jacket and the colors are lined with gold fabric. It’s my jumpoff cause it’s so different from all the other shit I have, and cause I love how almost every person that sees me in it tells me that I look like a ringmaster.

And our second place winner, Ms. Jeanna Laquindanum, who will be receiving a smaller but equally as fresh bounty of vintage booty! Here is explains her love for the vintage and shares a few of her prized finds. I could certainly relate to her story, as my first piece of ESPIRT clothing was a hand me down and I remember getting teased about it in elementary school…by one of my own friends!!! It’s all good…look at us now!

I’ve been perusing the thrift stores at the early age of 5 coming from the household of a single parent mother that couldn’t afford to always buy me brand new things. Even though I wouldn’t rock what every body else was wearing at school, I made it my own and stood out. Though I may have been ridiculed for wearing old clothes when I was younger, I’m revered for it now because every time I rock something vintage, mainstream fashion comes out with out 6 months later. Rocking vintage makes me feel like I’m ahead of the game even if the aesthetics on my back were made years ago. My love for rocking vintage clothing stems from also admiring the qualities of older apparel that new clothes don’t have. Like Kanye said, “they don’t make ’em like this anymore”. My passion for vintage clothing has become so enormous that I want to make a living out of finding “one in a million” pieces someday or work them into a “one in a million” piece if they aren’t already…

With that said, my favorite vintage items that I own are my vintage Jordan apparel. Like I said when I was younger, my mom couldn’t afford to buy me new things like these Jordan jackets or shirts. I would always think to myself when I was younger that these kids with new stuff get bored and grow out of their stuff fast and to just wait till they got into “Savers” (my ultimate favorite thrift store) or “Salvation Army” or “Goodwill”. With patience, I was able to acquire these beauties I have here:

Please note that the views expressed in this post do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of M.I.S.S. Crew. Thanks!

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