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Ah Ma Gawd Files by M.I.S.S. Michelle – Pump Up the Jams with these 2 Bands!!

Yes of course fashion and beauty are exciting, but one of my other favorite pastimes is discovering GOOD new music, and the following two bands, Hottub and Chow Nasty are fo sho, Ah ma Gawd worthy.
Visit Hottub’s Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/hottub94608
Shows in California from Feb. – May 2008

The ladies of Hottub with their cheeky femme-bot rhymes are hardcore rapping machines and Chow Nasty’s indietronic funk is just crazy, quirky, fun. Both bands are San Francisco East Bay natives, and both are guilty of marrying funny, clever lyrics to righteous good beats, and have a hell of a lot of flair. So listen up folks, if you like to get your dance on, gather up your posse and check them out ASAP!!

Ah ma gawd, so fresh, it’s raw….

Mission High School Cheerleaders
(backing vocals featured on “Ungawa”)

Video for Ungawa

Visit Chow Nasty’s Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/chownasty
Website: http://www.chownasty.com
Shows in North America: Feb. – April 2008 (check their Myspace page for tour dates)
Songs can be purchased from Itunes and from their website

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