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“Maybe he isn’t that crazy after all??

Was my initial thought after seeing the first ad for the Marc Jacobs Collection. It features Victoria Beckham’s super-tanned legs wearing a pair of funky day-glo heels that are hanging over of a Marc Jacobs shopping bag. Yes, you heard correctly; Mrs. Beckham’s trademark haircut and pout were no where to be found.

Brilliant, no? The hotly contested, detested, sometimes loved, but overwhelmingly hated thought of Victoria being in Marc’s spring ads made the designer refocus his campaign. According to WWD:

“There was a lot of discussion about Victoria being in our ads and tons of blogs on the Internet about ‘Should she or shouldn’t she?,’ ‘What’s going on with Marc Jacobs?,’ and ‘Has he lost his mind?’,? Jacobs explained. “We thought the funniest thing would be to show the Victoria Beckham ads that don’t show Victoria Beckham, but just to see those legs coming out of the bag.?

The pairing couldn’t be more genius and hilarious. This really shouldn’t have come as a surprise considering the ass-backwards (literally) spring ‘08 runway collection. Beckham is the anti-Marc girl – very glamorous and over-the-top. The complete opposite of hist past indie/quirky muses like Sophia Coppola and Meg White.

However, what’s most shocking is this:

Marc Jacobs actually reads blogs? And if so, should we be looking for a shout in the near future? See, we have jokes too…


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