The Fashion Campaign: A Lesson In Posing


Rule #1: Kate Moss is boss – (if you didn’t already know that) – and could cut you with her razor sharp cheekbones; RESPECT.

Rule #2: Even if your agent dies your hair red and you’re not actually featured in the same shot as Kate, she still will probably overshadow you, so don’t feel bad.

Rule #3: In the event that Kate is literally placed on top of you – while you’re trying to look cool and blue chip for Inez & Vinoodh with a huge fuchsia hibiscus flower sticking out of your hair – make sure you become B.F.F/S.F.L with the manicurists. So, in the battle of who has the slickest nails – at least your Chanel paparazzi lacquer has a chance to come out on top because the red like color Ms. Moss is wearing is so playyyeedd.

PS: If your name is Daria Werbowy, and you have the opportunity to land a campaign with the British supermodel – just intensely gaze into the sky and let the stylist gel your hair back because we think you’re pretty cool too.


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