Paul & Joe Awa Bow Dress: Chic or Troubled?


Movie enthusiasts you’re in luck: the actual dress Drew Barrymore’s character “Josey Grossie? wore in Never Been Kissed can now be found at Shopbop for the very small sum of $341. However, it’s been slightly modified for the woman who not only likes to look tacky for Halloween, but also wants to rock the pink polyester year round.

OK, we’re just kidding. The ill-informed dress is actually made by Paul&Joe, but it is very reminiscent to the 80s inspired creation in one of our all-time favorite movies. It’s not that dress screams “I’m so heinous I should be given away for free,? but Paul&Joe is the epitome of fun and quirky clothes – so, to see them miss the mark like this is just, well…odd.

The proportions on the sleeves are so bizarre that we can only imagine a football player look cool in it – plus, a Pussycat Doll and maybe a Cheetah Girl?!

After last weeks Project Runway, we’ve been waxing a bit poetic about prom in general and when we stumbled upon this little number we immediately thought of the scene in Never Been Kissed when Drew Barrymore walks into the cafeteria wearing that awful pink metallic thing and everybody starts laughing at her. Since most of us are out of high school, we imagine the fashionista who buys this dress will only be heckled in the minds of the people she offends with her purchase.

So, we must ask:

Is the Paul&Joe dress Chic or Troubled? And if you actually find it appealing, what kind of medication are you on?



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