Mac x Heatherette!


We are crushing on Richie Rich – the other half of Heatherette – right now.

Last week, we posted a interview of Richie Rich with Karmaloop Tv, and in the four minute segment, he discussed everything from his first encounter with wild child Paris Hilton to his inaccurate portrayal in Party Monster.

However, what has made us watch this interview at least five times now has nothing to do with the awkward pauses and glances exchanged between the two men, but it’s when Richie Rich starts talking to the interviewer about “glitter tantrums.?

Yes, it was priceless and it has only made us even more anxious to see what is hiding behind the pink Barbie-esque like packaging in Heatherette’s new cosmetics line!

Although full details have not been made available, we do know that the limited edition Mac and Heatherette collaboration will hit counters on March 27. Expect all of this to disappear very quickly when its released.

We love what we see so far, but wouldn’t you expect more glitter? Also, silver nails for spring?

Images from LouLou magazine


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