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Fresh Baked: Cookie Cutter By Sondra Murphy

M.I.S.S. Crew is proud to introduce a new brand for the ladies by one of the freshest ladies we’ve met, Sondra Murphy. This gal can rock an 80’s drop-waisted “English Teacher” frock with the fire on her feet to match like no bodies business. Her laid back attitude is on point and she can clown harder than Bozo. We had a chance to catch up with Sondra, grill her about what makes her move and shake and get the exclusive drop on her new line, Cookie Cutter. You ain’t ready but get set, and go!Who the hell are you?? Where’d you come from…in relation to your industry experience.

My name is Sondra Murphy and I grew up in Philadelphia. I’ve been in this crazy industry for awhile now. After graduating from Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science with a degree in fashion design, I worked for Motherswork, And1 Basketball, and Champion. Currently, I’m back In Philly working for Mitchell & Ness. I also do some design and development for my boys at Undrcrwn.

Why the name “Cookie Cutter”? Sounds like there’s a message in that name somewhere, you tryna’ say something?

I hear the word cookie-cutter get tossed around all the time in conversations. I notice it much more now that I use it as my brand’s name. Basically, the dictionary describes the word “cookie cutter” as, “lacking individuality, stereotyped, having the same look as many others; identical.” Well, I believe in the opposite of that, which is why I chose the name, Cookie Cutter— I wanted to flip up the description with a bit of irony. I want the brand to promote individuality. Hopefully, it will make girls think twice before they put on their same tight jeans and Ugg boots that their seven other friends own.

I really don’t want to come across as sounding preachy. However, truth be told, the world can be a superficial and materialistic place. Especially for today’s youth and the peer pressure that comes along with having to look & dress a certain way. That is why a portion of Cookie Cutter sales will be donated to programs that foster positive self esteem & self image in girls. So, c’mon ladies, whatcha waiting for?!

What is your inspiration behind the line? Did ‘Canal St.’ have any influence? Kidding…but really did it?

My inspiration comes from many random things. My brain is all over the place. A great deal of inspiration comes from my childhood. Little old ladies I see waiting for the bus inspire me. I collect old magazines & catalogues. I love going to flea markets, thrift shops, and vintage stores; I’ve been shopping there for as long as I can remember. There’s something about finding that perfect object–whether it’s clothes, furniture, or whatever — that causes your heart to beat a little faster and your eyes to widen with the thrill of victory, knowing you just scored something really amazing that no one else has. It’s kinda like those Ebay commercials. They’re genius.

Ahhh….Canal Street. Since you brought it up….. It sure is an interesting place. Thousands of people travel thousands of miles to buy things that will put them in another social class. Those crowded NYC streets summarize alot of what is going on in fashion, as well as society. Canal Street feeds the greed of many—– uhm, including me. Yes, I have a collection of Canal Street treats — ‘cashmere’ scarves, LV fannypacks, gold bamboo goodness, and don’t forget those mixtapes! Oh, and who doesn’t love being escorted through those secret tunnels to the underground railroad of bag, bags, and more bags. Harriet Tubman would be so proud. I’m definitely not knocking Canal St. It’s an experience for the whole family. Much better than Disney World.

Describe the lady that rocks Cookie Cutter…

A lady with a good sense of humor and really big boobs. Ok, just kidding about the boobs. The Cookie Cutter lady must know how to mix it up and make it her own. We are all about proudly promoting the union of skirts & sneakers, Canal Street & Rodeo Drive, carbs & Atkins. At the end of the day, as long as you rock your own style, you’re all good—whether it was bought full price at Barneys or 50% off at The Salvation Army.

Regarding the “Hucci” graphic…what is your take on the word “Hucci”? Is this graphic fro the gal that can laugh at herself knowing she’s not a Hucci or are you tryna’ call me a Hucci?!?!

I’m not calling anyone a Hucci. It’s all in good fun. I just want people to look at the graphic and laugh. And then I want them to buy the shirt.


Any worries of the luxury brand police coming to get you? How can you use these luxury brand icons without trouble? Any concerns there?

First let me say that Cookie Cutter the brand is not based on these luxury logo graphics. I launched the line with these specific crews & tees because I knew they would have an immediate impact on the consumer, as well as be a strong introduction to the meaning of the brand.These graphics are strictly social commentary. I mean no harm nor negativity towards these luxury labels. I have nothing but utter respect for them. (Marc Jacobs is my hero.) These are some of the best products created by some of the best designers in the world….and I want more people to realize that.

I guess my message is that people need to appreciate the true craftsmanship & beauty of design, and not just the name on the label because they saw it in a music video….because that’s kinda like visiting an art museum and only going to the gift shop. It’s just not right. I’m just trying to create some clever graphics that make you think.

What can we expect from Cookie Cutter? Undies? I could really use some “Hucci” panties…something for all the “undercovers “out there 😉

Hmmm……maybe. There are a lot of ideas and projects brewing. I’ve got lots of secrets. You’ll just have to wait and see. You can never trust a big butt and a smile.

Visit Cookie Cutter at All questions and sales inquires should be directed to And of course we have one last treat for you…




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