Express Fashion Vs. Versace Spring ’07


As the title suggests, their is a war going on between mall favorite Express and the house of Versace.

But this battle has nothing to do with lawyers and trademark infringement. No, this is a battle of ugly vs. ugly.

First, sequins is hard for most people to pull-off. To attest to this fact, the only person who has looked relatively decent in the gold mini Jessica Stam is wearing (L) was 5′11, super thin, and yeah a SUPERMODEL! Basically, if your hips won’t allow you to sleep into a size 2 or 4, you’re going to look like a hot mess.

So, for Express to make a cheaper and tackier version of dress that was already hard to wear without making someone look like a Tina Turner impersonator – is baffling to me.

Like I said, no one is suing anyone yet. But even if Donatella felt compelled to defend her misguided design, the Express bodice is sequins-free – unlike Versace’s.

Either way, wasn’t Halloween like three months ago?


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