Do You Want To Be On Top?


The economy might be on a steady decline and on the verge of a recession, but Tyra Banks has still managed to bring back another group of model hopefuls for the tenth season of America’s Next Top Model.

The girls range in ages from 18 to 25 and will be competing for the same $100,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics and an appearance in a fashion spread in Seventeen magazine like the contestants last season

Can you believe it’s been ten season already?

It seems like it was just yesterday Bri was dumping out all of Nicole’s Red Bulls, Rebecca was fainting before the judges panel, and Natasha was talking about how she came to America via a mail-order bride service. (That didn’t happen, but you know something was fishy about her husband.)

Oh, that’s right. It literally was yesterday courtesy of another ANTM marathon on MTV. This.Has.Got.To.Stop.


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