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California Vintage by American Apparel

This past summer American Apparel opened their first vintage clothing store, California Vintage, in Mexico City. It was the first store of it’s kind in the city, bringing a taste of old school Americana to a community not too familiar with the concept of used clothing as trend based fashion. It was well received by the young and hip folks of la ciudad. Soon after stores popped open in Berlin and Cologne and most recently Echo Park in L.A. They’re currently working on opening up two shops in Canada, a second in L.A. and in the distant future New York City and San Fransisco. The concept behind the shops is to incorporate the American Apparel brand with the vintage, suggesting to the customer how to wear the items or incorporate pieces into their existing wardrobe. Currently they stock a wide selection of clothing and accessories for men and women as well as select household knick-knacks. You can find items from The Goods! within the shops too, ranging from deadstock leggings and tote bags to cute kitschy collectibles. We have some exclusive photos of the Berlin store as well as some shots from the Echo Park store from a recent trip to L.A….Wherever you are in the world, go get your shop on ladies, California Vintage’s got you so you can get yours.








And the Echo Park store…See more picts of the merchandise here.


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