20 Is The New 40, 50, and 60?


Everything old is new again in People’s latest installment of Fashion Faceoff. Well, it’s not really a compare and contrast piece, but when you put two very talented and beautiful people next to each other wearing similar outfits – there always has to be a winner and a loser, right?

That’s what we thought too. Until we began our little game of “oh yes? and “hell no,? and things began to get fuzzy and quickly soon after. Sure, Jackie Onassis is the epitome of casual chic in her signature black tee and white jeans, but if she were alive and well – we’re sure she would approve of Anne Hathway’s modern and updated version of her classic look.

Hmm, what are we to do? Choose the icon and diss the chic/younger copycat or praise the twenty somethings without regard to the regal women who inspired their entire wardrobes? We’re still indifferent.

However, one thing is for certain:

We now know where Beyonce gets her infamous hand-behind-head-to-reveal-my-armpit pose from.


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