M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Flying the Friendly Skies this Holiday Season!

Have a Diva Holiday Season!

Who hasn’t set their sights on whirlwind travel adventure during the holiday season? A few days with friends here, a few days with family there, a shopping trip to your favorite boutique somewhere on the other side of the country. Everything is meticulously planned out. You have two weeks off and you’re going to see everyone you’ve missed so much all year long. You have your tickets, and you’ve made peace with traveling through 10 different airports this season.

Then … travel throws you some curve balls. Your flight’s delayed. You forgot some vital item. You ended up with so much swag you can’t carry it all on the plane. Something. Something always goes a little sideways even with the best laid plans settled months in advance. Here are a few tips that can help you out in anticipating wacky hitches in the road.

Flight Delays or Cancellations

Your cell phone is your best friend in this instance. Before you leave home, program in the direct numbers of all the airlines you’ll be flying, and four or five major hotel chain direct numbers as well. If your flight is delayed or cancelled altogether, you won’t be standing in line trying to get another booking; you can do it right then, right there with your cell phone. (photo via T-Mobile)

Too Much Stuff to Carry Home

Way too much stuff to take home in your carry on? Rather than buying another piece of luggage, stuffing everything into it and checking it, hoping nothing gets broken in transit, head to the nearest Fed Ex or UPS store and ship your overage to yourself at your home address. No mess, no fuss, not terribly expensive (usually) and damage liability is at least partially covered.

You Forgot Your Prescriptions

Always make sure that you have your prescriptions filled at a company like Walgreen’s or Target that has locations virtually everywhere in the U.S. If you forget your prescriptions, larger companies keep your information in databases accessible from anywhere so the pharmacy near your sister’s home can pull up your records and get you covered with at least enough of your prescription to get you through your trip.

A Short List of Things You Might Not Have Considered

Here are a few things you might want to consider taking with you on the longer forays.

Your laptop. Sure, the holidays are all about family and spending time being sociable, but remember you may get stuck at the airport. May as well take advantage of the WiFi access and email your peeps to let them know about your delay, or catch up on email, or read a good blog (I hear the M.I.S.S. Crew and diva in a carry on blogs are pretty good!). (photo via dellweblog.com )

Your phone charger. For short trips, you may not need it. For longer ones, this seems to be the single piece of necessary electronic equipment that is most forgotten. Buy an extra one now and keep it perma-parked in your carry on bag.

Plenty of business cards. What? This is the holidays! You’re not going to be working! But then again … how many times have you been traveling for the holidays and been introduced to a great contact, only to look like a bit of a dork because you didn’t have your cards with you to exchange? Happens a lot. If you’re not comfortable carrying your business cards into family functions or social gatherings, have some “calling cards” printed up with just your name and maybe email address. You can get them done online at Vista Print for free. This Victorian tradition comes across as very chic and thoughtful. People remember you when you whip out an elegant, simple personal calling card.

(photo via Louis Vuitton)

Some nice note cards and envelopes. You’ll probably be taking full advantage of the hospitality of friends and/or family by staying with them. How big a smile do you think they’ll get when they go to clean up your room after you’ve left and find a handwritten note thanking them for everything? Much more effective than a phone call or email when you get home. (photo via Kate Spade)

Two extra generic gifts (gift cards are perfect). Why? Because it is almost certain you will forget something for someone on your list, and scrambling to pull something together last minute is a real hassle. Besides, if you DO remember everyone and have the extra gifts left over at the end of your trip, you can play Santa Claus and give them away to particularly helpful airline employees or bathroom attendants or anyone who deserves a smidge of thoughtfulness. Promise you’ll feel like a million bucks.

Now get busy making those holiday plans!

Happy Travels!

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