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CONART is back!

CONART was everywhere in Hip Hop culture when I was growing up…My favorite emcees sported the gear in their videos. My dude-friends rocked it. It was in the graff magazines I picked up…everywhere! But then, much like Britney Spears’ mind, it was gone.

After a long hiatus, the brand is back and entering premium retailers around the US right now! Their first series of men’s tees just dropped and soon they’ll be releasing girl tees and accessories! The t-shirt above features the work of legendary graffiti artist CHAZ, of Los Angeles ‘Cholo Style’ Graffiti art fame.

We’ll definitely keep you posted when these tees officially drop but for now read up on the brand’s history below:


“When CONART entered the marketplace there was no street wear market, no hip-hop stores, no cool-guy blogs. CONART is the originator of the “street wear? movement. Established in 1989, CONART Clothing Brand has established itself as the first label to use raw designs by the top graffiti artists in the world. Hip-hop artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., ODB, Method Man, Red Man, The Pharcyde, Gangstarr and many others have all rocked CONART in movies, videos and advertisements. CONART has always been considered one of the realest players in the game. True to the art. The time has come for the originator to show the world that it is still all about the art.”


Source: CONART

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