She’s A Very Freaky Girl

e-jean.jpgE. Jean, former SNL writer and current Elle Magazine advice columinist, has launched a Facebook application aptly entitled, The Fu*k Index.

I know, I know. But don’t go putting your head in the gutter just yet.

Apparently, Ms. Jean is currently working on a book that is all about “college love,? and since every college student on the planet has a Facebook account, I guess it’s a pretty logical place to start when you’re looking to “research? something like this.

The Fu*k Index consists of a quiz regarding human sexual behavior (how freaky you are), which users can participate in anonmously, “but if you’re snarky enough, you may get quoted in her book (anonymously, of course).?

Also, “the Fu*k app can predict how often you’ll be getting some, how good your next partner will look, and if they look better than the partners of your Facebook friends. It will even tell you if you’re getting some more often than your friends.?

Since you’re able to maintain complete anonymity while filling this out, I imagine most people will be honest. Why not. But I wonder why Facebook hasn’t condemned this, like they did the women who posted pictures of themselves breast-feeding their babies, even though that is kind of weird too.

Somebody please go wipe Mr. Zuckerberg down! Ew.


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