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Scion Easy 10 Independent Film Fest – Nov 8th

Scion does an excellent job of hosting events and patronizing the arts and their newest event is no exception. They’ve joined forces with malbon Brothers Farms to present the Easy 10 Film Series – a screening that will “launch 10 emerging filmmakers onto the independent film circuit.” Here’s how Scion describes the event . . .

This project, in its inaugural year, brings together the best and the brightest upcoming filmmakers to create a short 15-20 minute film. This November each film will premier in Los Angeles and join Scion’s Route Film Series. Each filmmaker will also have the opportunity to attend three film festivals of their choice with support from Scion. Together, mBF and Scion have chosen a strong lineup of filmmakers that span mediums from documentaries to fiction.

Easy 10 will feature the following filmmakers at each event: David Choe, Chris Cruse, Blue Davis, Roger Gastman, Monihan, Reza Moosavi, Nemo, Jack Pearley and Dennis White. Each filmmaker was selected for their treatment’s groundbreaking style, originality, and subject matter.

During the month of November 2007, Scion will screen all 10 films together for one night only on the west coast. Scion will host a screening at Social Hollywood (6525 Sunset Boulevard) in Los Angeles on November 8th. After the screenings, moviegoers will have a chance to mingle with the filmmakers and ask them questions at a VIP reception.

If you’re in the LA area, this sounds like a great way to get exposed to new filmmakers.

Check after the jump for Synopsis of the flims . . .


23 Short Films
A Film by David Choe and Pete Glover
By manipulating time and space with a variety of cameras, lenses, and editing techniques, David Choe and co-director Pete Glover present 23 slices of experience: the mundane, the extraordinary, the beautiful, the ugly, and the joyous.

A Film by Chris Cruse
Escaping daily life by flying perpetually from city to city, Norman has lost himself to the predictable comforts of the airlines and his fellow passengers. But a chance encounter with one passenger may reroute his fantasy down to the ground and back into real life.

Endless Knot
A Film by Blue Davis and Danny Brown
Somewhere in the Himalayan Mountains a sensei releases two monks from a lifetime of mental and physical training. Blue Davis and Danny Brown tell an avant-garde story about the journey of these two Buddhist monks and their divergent but ultimately conflicting paths.

The Pigeon Mumbler
A Film by Roger Gastman
Brooklyn native and diehard pigeon handler, Mike Alicea, guides us through the world of Brooklyn pigeon keepers. From Bushwick rooftops to the weekly bull sessions at the Broadway Pigeon and Pet, take a peek at this very real and surprisingly competitive urban pastime.

Notes on a Paper Plane
A Film by Nemo Librizzi
Join schoolgirl heroine, Hope Hill, on her first day of her first real, grown-up job selling newspapers in her Harlem neighborhood. Along the way, she encounters a stream of philosophies and advice, all the while wondering whether she wants to grow up at all.

La Voz De Los Silenciados (the voice of the voiceless)
A Film by Monihan Monihan
Based on actual events, La Voz is the story of Olga, a young, deaf-mute woman lured from her small village in Guatemala to the U.S by the false promises of a supposedly philanthropic sign language school in Brooklyn, New York.

Guardians of Hope
A Film by Reza Moosavi
Guardians of Hope documents the humanitarian efforts of Los Angeles social workers as they struggle to aid and advocate for L.A.’s homeless population.

Native New Yorker
A Film by Jack Pearley
The story of Brooklyn rapper Day, who is in the midst of an era that glorifies using criminal tactics to escape the ghetto and become a star. Day’s conflict between staying true to the streets and turning his back on his past to pursue his love and passion for film leads to a double life.

Castellars: Human Castles in the Sky
A Film by Dennis White
While traveling through the Tarragona region of Spain, you may come across this local curiosity, Els Castellers, or human castles. Castellars documents this unique, centuries old tradition of competitive human castle building.

Correfoc: Dancing with the Devil in Barcelona
A Film by Dennis White
Join filmmaker Dennis White as he explores the drumming, fireworks, and excited crowds of Correfoc, a modern Spanish festival based on a centuries old tradition in Catalunya, Spain of dancing with fire. Correfoc takes a look at this fascinating celebration, its unique history, and the preparation of some of its fervent participants.

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